Why getting your own license to do PCD Pharma Franchise is better than working on a stockiest license?

Working independently in the market is very important. If we share our business with someone, we have to share the profit also which is a disadvantage of any business. If we talk about of Pharmaceutical industry, this is the fastest growing sector in India and most of the people want to enter in Pharmaceutical sector, by choosing PCD Pharma Franchise. Pharma companies offer business opportunities to career seekers.

Well, entering in the pharma industry is not a difficult task but selecting the right stockiest for the Franchise business is a bit difficult task to perform. Stockiest is the person who stores the medicine inventory on behalf of the company. Stockiest can be good or can ruin the business. If we are planning to open our PCD Pharma Franchise and want to run for the long term then applying for License is a better option.

Whenever we appoint a stockiest for the business, then we have to share our profit margin with him and the biggest disadvantage is that he comes to know the detailed information of our business, which is not good for the business. From the payments to profit margin, the stockiest get access for our business.

Appointing stockiest for PCD Pharma Franchise means cutting down the direct profit.  Because the stockiest will come to know on what rates we purchased all medicine stock and what profit we are getting on particular products so we can’t hide any information from the stockiest, for the business, it is better to apply for own license

A stockiest will expect 5 to 10 percent of the profit margin on sales, which decrease our profit and The worst part is if we are getting good profit after cutting down all business expenses, then his greed will increase. Which is not good for our business. It is better if we are choosing stockiest he must be known and it is better that he/ she would be a relative or close friend.

After checking all the facts, Applying for own license for PCD Pharma Franchise is the most important and crucial step for the business.  For the whole procedure, proper guidance and expert knowledge required. So Stensa Life Sciences is the top Pharma company and offer a wide medicine range and PCD Pharma Franchise business deal. The company helped many newcomers for setting up their business. Joining the company for PCD Pharma Franchise is a great business deal. The company has the best employees and the expert team which is the backbone of the company. Interested one feel free to contact us at +91-8725010016 and for more information mail us at stensalifescience@gmail.com

For the License and documentation procedure, Stensa Lifesciences guide very well.  Here in this section, we are sharing the documentation for the pharma franchise license-

·         Application form in the prescribed and detailed format

·         Original and authentic

·         proof of fee deposited for obtaining drug license

·         Declaration form in the format prescribed

·         Blueprint for the premises

·         Proof of ownership of the premises

·         Proof of constitution of the business (Incorporation Certificate / MOA / AOA / Partnership Deed)

·         Affidavit of non-conviction of proprietor/partners/ directors under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940

·         Affidavit of the registered pharmacist

These are documentation which is mandatory for the business, it took little time to proceed.  Always fill detailed information in the form.


In the end, we can say owing license for the PCD pharma Franchise business is very important.  An independent business with all access is very important.  Owing an independent business is best for earning full profit without sharing any margin with others. 


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